Ad-Free Marketing Strategy for 2022

No matter the size of your business, digital marketing has become an imperative part of operating a successful business in the modern age. In this article we analyze how the marketing industry has changed over the past 3 decades and discuss modern marketing strategies that you can implement yourself regardless of marketing budget restrictions and size of your organization. All methods in this article do not require a marketing agency. Ad Free Marketing Strategy!

Let's start by looking at how the marketing and advertising industry has changed over the past 30 years. When we look back at marketing and advertising in the 90s there are two significant variables that have drastically changed the way we think about investing in marketing. The first variable is access to information. Marketing data and analytics was much more difficult to access and make sense of. Obviously, we have continued to have access to more and more information than ever before. Arguably the average person has more access to marketing data, analytics, and tools than an ad/marketing agency of the 90s did. Making sense of that information is has been made easier with the growing abundance of resources available to analyze this information.

The second variable is the cost of producing marketing content. It can be demoralizing when we compare our marketing budgets with the millions of dollars giant corporations invest in video production alone, not to mention another couple million dollars on marketing research and strategies. In the 90s-00s creating a commercial or video advertisement with exceptional production value was much more costly than it is now. Given the rules of inflation we should expect the opposite. Just because Coca Cola and Apple are spending millions of dollars on a single commercial doesn’t mean you have to in order to devise an effective marketing strategy. 20 plus years ago professional level production equipment was not available at the consumer price range it is now. The technological advancement in digital camera technology has allowed for camera manufactures such as Blackmagic Design and RED to sell professional level equipment at consumer prices. It goes without saying insurance policies and rental fees are cheaper. Beyond that, the more profound effect has been on the supply and demand of directors and producers. Less barrier to entry for aspiring directors and producers to showcase their talent means there's simply more fish in the pond to choose from. Larger supply relative to demand means resources become less expensive.

Tesla is a great example of a company that has managed to be very successful with no marketing budget. (Ad Free Marketing) What we see from Tesla is a company with a very active vast online presence. They have accounts across all mainstream social media platforms. Their celebrity CEO, Elon Musk is frequently active on Twitter. Tesla’s website is simple and easy to use. While Tesla may be able to claim they do not invest in marketing, they are certainly investing in creating compelling content to build their online presence on social media. They are not wasting money on commercials, ad placement, marketing agency fees, etc. They are showcasing their product in such a way that the online community is excited to follow and share Tesla’s posts about new products. The public is optimizing Tesla’s SEO for them.

This isn’t all to say that no business should invest in marketing. Tesla is a very niche product that attracts publicity within itself. It's very possible that your business needs to invest some money in commercials and ad placement. However, attracting people’s attention isn’t an effective use of funds if you don’t have the online infrastructure to retain their attention. After all, Tesla must be paying someone to manage all their social media accounts. Elon couldn't possibly have the time to do it himself. They more than likely have a production partner producing compelling video content to showcase their products across social media. They're simply not running marketing campaigns. It's their following and the media that has been doing it for them. Tesla and their production partner create content that the public will quickly share, and the media will quickly write about.

This ad free marketing strategy is not only simple and cost effective but also serves to increase the effectiveness of paid advertising and has shown to bring greater quality leads. Any business's marketing plan must include a strong online presence in the modern day. This starts with a website that is easy to use with content from which consumers can gain greater understanding and an elevated perception of the product and brand. An attracted following must be kept engaged and growing. Some businesses might be surprised to know that there is more than likely a journalist amongst their followers. This is a great opportunity to approach a media agency offering an exclusive story about your business. It goes without saying customer reviews are very valuable, however even more important than a collection of good or bad amateur reviews is a professional story in the paper or a magazine.

An ad free marketing strategy starts with your website. It goes without saying this is an expense that must be paid regardless of the business you’re running and your marketing plan. After all, the objective is to bring traffic to your website. Once you feel confident that your website is dialed in, it's time to refine your social media profiles. As you post content and build your online presence and persona you will actually see in real time how and what your followers are responding to. The only required expense in this add free marketing strategy is the cost to produce quality content. Whether you manage your online presence yourself or hire someone to do it for you depends on the scale of your business. Regardless, you will more than likely benefit from investing in high-quality video content. Ideally you should start with 2 videos. One that shows off your product, its features, and benefits. Then a 2nd video that tells us about who and why your company is. The first video should get your targeted audience interested and excited but still curious about your product and your brand. The 2nd video should aim to build a personal connection between the public and your company. he overall objective is to elevate the first impression and overall perception people have about your business. Don’t waste your time and energy learning to build the perfect website if this isn’t a skillset you don’t already have. Hire someone to do it for you. It will be well worth the time you end up saving. You should hire and team up with a production company that knows how to create compelling video content. As already mentioned, high level production value has become much less expensive. Find a production partner instead of an ad agency. I can’t tell you how many projects marketing agencies have outsourced to my production company after they have taken their generous cut. This unfortunately mostly lines their pockets at the expense of your video’s production value. If you really need to run ads and don’t have the time to analyze your marketing data, hire someone whose sole focus is your company. You will get much more out of your dollar that way than you would adding yourself to a marketing agency's already crowded roster. Use the advertising dollars for an expense with greater return such as your website and compelling video and branding content. Elevate the way your brand is perceived.

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